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What Our Customers Say About Us

Power Vibration Plates

"Vibration power plate is now my new best friend , only had it for 3days and can see a difference already .......happy days !!!!Donna, Warrington. (Home Hire Customer)

Ive lost a dress size in 4 weeks. Please call me for my card details to extend the rental of the wobble board.. Julie, Orford

I'm overweight and have had stiff joints, but since using the vibroplate my joints have all loosened up even though I didnt hire it for this reason. I would never have believed it if i hadnt seen it for myself. How much does it cost to just buy it because Idont want to hand it back! Maureen

Enquiry: hi mike.
i just want to say since useing the power plate for the last 3 months.ive gone from a size 14 to a size 10 dress.i feel so much better about myself.i alos think its good for people who dont have time to go to the gym.i cant wait to show my new figure off on holiday.i recommend this power plate for anyone that is trying to loose weight.forget the slimming pills.try the power plate it works wounders.menny thanks mike.rach x

Mike I just want to say how wonderful I think my vibration plate is! I have suffered for years with sore heels and legs, after working at a job where I stood still for long periods of time. It has been so painful. I have only had this wonderful machine for 4 days and already my legs are feeling so much better. My heels are still a little sore but I can walk so much better, and I am sure my heels will improve with time. If I lose weight too then that is a bonus! Thank you so much Helen

Domestic Sunbeds

To all at Solan...thanks for the quick delivery! 50 mins from my phone call to the double sunbed being set up in my bedroom. I was even given a choice of which 1 hour time slot I coild choose when its collected in 6 weeks. See you then :-) Zoe

(By Text) Cud i xtend sunbed at 206 slater st 4 another 6 wks can snd cheq r call round for ££ luv it dont wanna give it back lol leanne x